'Will I see heaven in mine?'

Ask me anything   I'm 20 and I live in Ireland :) I've just started my third year of college. I still have no idea what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I love dancing, my dog, cookies and milk, hugs, music, reading and I couldn't live without tea :)...Feel free to mail me for a chat or whatever. Peace-Out


"It’s Miley fucking Cyrus presents the Bangerz Tour. Not Disney presents Hannah Montana on ice. Do not take your child then pretend that you still thought Miley was this wholesome little girl living the double life in a lace wig. Miley isn’t your child’s role model, you are."
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"Every step that you take
Could be your biggest mistake"
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I really fucking hate it when guys act like marriage is literally the end of their lives like if it’s so fucking bad, and you hate it so much, don’t get fucking married and put your spouse through hell because you’re shit. If you feel trapped you’re doing it wrong.

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Why are guys so obsessed with their dicks? We’ll be like “Mothers have the right to breastfeed their baby in public!” And without fail, dudes chime in with, “Does that mean I can pull my dick out in public? Can I urinate in public?” Chill the fuck out. This isn’t about your dick. You are already allowed to have your nipples out in public, sit the fuck down.


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2chainz always dancin like hes caught in a spider web


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Cory, Topanga, and Riley Matthews in the Girl Meets World premiere.

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click here to enter into a teenage boys mind


click here to enter into a teenage boys mind

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