'Will I see heaven in mine?'

Ask me anything   I'm 20 and I live in Ireland :) I've just started my third year of college. I still have no idea what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I love dancing, my dog, cookies and milk, hugs, music, reading and I couldn't live without tea :)...Feel free to mail me for a chat or whatever. Peace-Out


"I wanted to
hurt you
before you could
do the same
to me,
yet I am
the one in bed
Michelle K., When Will She Learn? (via michellekpoems)

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"Some people are so broken,
They get mad at you for being whole."
I wish I had heard this years ago (via aurelle)

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what if u woke up and ur fav fictional character was snuggled next to u and they were like “good morning”

nemo.. you cant be here.. your dad will be worried sick

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